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Rates & Registration

All prices are for each person - no matter if you're competing as an individual, team, or relay. 

  • through March 31st: $50 

  • April 1st - May 15th: $55 

  • May 16th - May 31st: $60

  • June 1st - June 6th: $65


We encourage you to register as soon as the registration system opens. We'll be maxed out at 250 "units". One unit = an individual or a team/relay of up to four people. Plus, if you register by May 15th, you're guaranteed to get a nifty dri-fit shirt!

Online registration is facilitated by Pickle Events, our race management company, and their payment system

New for 2019: Teams/Relays must register at the same time, with one person designated as the Team Captain. 

Kids Tri: Registration is not required but we'd appreciate it. Just click the button above and follow the instructions. 


Once you register, if you have any questions about the registration process please contact Amber at

Not sure if you're registered?

Double-check by clicking HERE. 

how much is it?

how do I register?

what am I?

Here's how we're defining each of the divisions:


Individual: 1 person paddles, bikes, and runs 

Team: 2 people paddle, each person bikes and runs 

Relay: 1-2 people paddle, 1 person bikes and 1 person runs (2-4 people total)

Within the Individual division, the top three finishers in each of the following age brackets will be given awards:

  • 12-16 (male/female) - new in 2019! 

  • 17-24 (male/female

  • 25-34 (male/female)

  • 35-49 (male/female)

  • 50-64 (male/female)

  • Over 65 (male/female)

Relays and Teams can be a mix of genders and ages. The top three teams (based on time) in both the Relay and Team divisions will be given awards. ​Individual awards will be determined by best time regardless of recreation or competitive division.