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Rates & Registration

All prices are for each person - no matter if you're competing as an individual, team, or relay. 

  • through May 15: $60

  • May 16 - May 31: $70

  • after May 31: $80


We encourage you to register as soon as the registration system opens. We'll be maxed out at 250 "units". One unit = an individual or a team/relay of up to four people.


If you register by May 15th, you're guaranteed to get a nifty shirt. We'll be holding to this deadline in 2024 and will not be ordering extra shirts!

Online registration closes on Thursday, June 6th at 11:59PM!

To verify your registration visit:


Online registration is facilitated by and our race timing partner is Pickle Events.

A few things to note: 

  • Teams and Relays must register at the same time, with one person designated as the Team Captain. 

  • Once you register, if you have any questions about the registration process please contact Anita at

  • You can also confirm your registration by visiting (website link will be added once live).

how much is it?

how do I register?

what am I?

Here's how we define each of the divisions:


Individual: 1 person paddles, bikes, and runs 

Team: 2 people paddle, both people bike and run 

Relay: 1-2 people paddle, 1 person bikes and 1 person runs (2-4 people total)

Relays and Teams can be a mix of genders and ages. The top three teams (based on time) in both the Relay and Team divisions will be given awards. ​


Within the Individual division, the top three finishers in each of the following age and gender brackets will be given awards (regardless of competitive or recreational designation):

  • 12-16 (male/female)

  • 17-24 (male/female

  • 25-34 (male/female)

  • 35-49 (male/female)

  • 50-64 (male/female)

  • Over 65 (male/female)

Recreational or Competitive? 

When you register as an individual, you'll be asked to designate if you're participating on a recreational or competitive basis. This self-designation allows us to divide the heats accordingly in order to prevent congestion, accidents, etc. - especially in the biking and running stages. The requirements, distances, timing, and everything else is the same between the two options.

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